Spatial Effects specializes in inflatable structures, novelty attractions, spectaculars and unusual projection techniques. Established in the late nineties and currently run by Theo Botschuijver (design) and Hannie van den Dop (production), Spatial Effects is best described as a playful connection between art, technique and entertainment. Our practice is rooted in earlier identities: Eventstructure Research Group, 1967-1983 (with Jeffrey Shaw and in the early years Sean Wellesley Miller a.o.) Artware, 1984 -19… (with Wick van Rij) and Heyer en Tekker,1987-19.., including Theo Botschuijver as a designer. From the late sixties till to date Botschuijver has enjoyed invaluable assistance, advice and opportunities given by many helpers, friends and experts: Toon Agterberg, Angus …, Paul Alberts, Annelie Ansingh, Alexei Balachonsky, Wim Beeren, Pieter Boersma, Harold Brouwer, Leo Cahn, Charlotte …, Darry …, Jeroen Degener, Johannes van den Dop, Peter Thomaz Dobrila, Kees Duyves, Peter Gabriel, Remco Haan, Robert Hahn, Ton Hasebos (+), Charly Jungbauer, Ian Knight, Sjoerd Leeuwenberg, Mc Gill, Jacques Mattheij, Gerdur Palmadottir, Jason Papot, Mick Peet, Klaas de Poel, Rob van de Poel, Luuk Poorthuis, Joachim Rotteveel, Harald Szeeman (+), Tjebbe van Tijen, Theo van Velzen (+), Leo Verhallen, Jeroen Visser, Charlotte Wissing and others that are not on this list.